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Old Belize offers an Unforgettable Experience that will surely provide an
excellent orientation for the Country and People of Belize

The fascinating culture and intriguing history of Belize are beautifully intertwined and are as colorful as the strategically woven ribbons on a maypole. At the foundation are all the events and people that shaped this country in pursuit of personal and colonial freedom. The history of Belize spans from the Maya, the indigenous people, who occupied the territory, to a coastal settlement comprised of ex-pirates in search of mahogany, to the migration of cultures who have all been a part of creating a dazzling inter-racial society that includes six major ethnic groups who among them speak eight different languages.

Old Belize adventure prides itself in being able to rekindle the flavor of the past while providing an atmosphere where history, fun and great food makes for an unforgettable experience.

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