Cruising in Belize, in the crystal clear waters, teeming with marine life, and sheltered by the longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere is a unique experience for those in their own yacht or those who choose to charter.

Arriving in Belize:

Clearing in to Belize may be done in Belize City at Cucumber Beach Marina, or some owners may prefer to clear in San Pedro, Placencia or Big Creek.

Fly the “Flag and call the Belize Port Authority on VHF Ch 16 or 68, who will direct the yacht to the chosen marina or anchorage and will arrange the inspection by the Immigration department,Customs Department, Belize Animal & Health Authority, Public Health, and the Port Authority (5 Officers total). A transportation fee is required for each Officer.

You will be required to show clearance from the last port of departure, your yacht registration documents, certificate of ownership, or charter contract.

You may also be asked to show up to date charts of Belizean waters or appropriate GPS equipment.

The Port Authority will issue a permit, normally good for an initial period of 30 days for a fee of Bz $240.

Immigration officers will require a list of crew members and inspect their passports, and will issue visas for 30 days which may be renewed for further periods.

Customs will also inspect the boat, and will issue a list of stores on board, including liquor and tobacco, as well as a “nil” list showing that you have no prohibited items on board.

The Agricultural Health Authority will inspect for compliance with regulations for animal and plant health, and proper sanitary disposal of garbage.

There is a fee of Bz$20.- (Bz$50.- for yachts > 50’)

Yachtsmen should be aware that Belize is vigilant in protecting the pristine natural environment, and there are regulations to protect sensitive, easily damaged anchorages.

Cucumber Beach Marina is a mainland marina located 5 miles South West of Belize City on the George Price Highway, and 3 miles SSW of Belize City Port via water. Cucumber Beach Marina caters to both the commercial and the recreational boater. It has spacious timbered deck docks with 24 hours security in addition to many other services and facilities.

Entrance Channel:

Entrance to the Marina is located at the following coordinates:

N 17° -28.153, W 88°-14.775. Two breakwaters were built to maintain channel depth and extend out 600ft from the coastline. The channel entrance is 4 ft at low tide, and 5ft in high tide, the bottom is silted sand with no rocks anywhere approaching nor in the marina. The jetties are well lit at night, and we have slips with depths of 6ft dockside.

Services available inside the mainland marina and on site include:

  • Dry Docking Available
  • Fuel (Gas/Diesel)
  • Electricity
  • Water (Chlorinated)
  • Open Wireless Internet access in restaurant
  • Laundromat (coin operated washers & dryers)
  • Restrooms and showers

Rates & Services

Marina Mooring Rates (all prices are in Belize Dollars)

Daily $1.98 per ft per day (1-6 DAYS)
Weekly $1.32 per ft per day (7-29 DAYS)
Monthly $1.02 per ft per day (30 DAYS +)
Yearly $0.55 per ft per day
**To qualify one (1) year must be paid in Advance**


Utility Rates

Fuel (Diesel or Gas) (local pump prices)
City Water (Chlorinated) $0.07 per gallon (GST not included)
Electricity $0.82 per kwh (GST not included)
Document Copies $0.25 plus TAX


Service Rates

Pull Out/Launch/Travel Lift $675.00
Pull Out/Launch/Quick Lift $337.50
Pull Out/Launch $15.75
Tractor $15.75
Blocking (Per Ft) $4.50
RV Parking under 25ft. $16.88
RV Parking over 25ft. $33.75
Vehicle Parking $5.63  
Trailer Parking $5.63  
Truck & Trailer per day $11.25  


Dry Dockage

Sheltered Dry Dock $540.00 Monthly
Boat Yard Rate $1.00 per foot per day
Dry Dock 20ft - 30ft $405.00 Monthly
Dry Dock 31ft - 40ft $500.00 Monthly
Dry Dock 41ft - 50ft $600.00 Monthly
Dry Dock 51ft or more $750.00 Monthly

Haul out for bottom painting and other repairs can be arranged. Please contact us for further information.

Catamarans in slips pay 1 ½ rate if another boat can’t dock beside it.
Cats alongside big dock will pay regular rate.

We accept VISA and MASTER CARD.
Exchange rate: $1 US to $2BZ

We monitor channel 16 and work channel 68